Glory of The Kakatiyas

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This book deals with the history of the Kakatiyas and their times in a lucid style with illustrations. Their struggles and victories, their beautiful architecture as seen by their temples, their dress and ornament, their unique sculptural styles, their culture and habits have been elucidated.

The early rulers were feudatories of Western Chalukyas. Prataparudra I established a sovereign dynasty in 1163 A.D. The regnal dates of the early rulers are unknown. In order, they were Venna, Gunda I, Gunda II, Gunda III and Erra.

The next ruler, Gunda IV, is mentioned in the Managallu grant of the Eastern Chalukya king Danarnava in 956 A.D. Gunda IV: 956–995 A.D was followed by Beta I 996–1051 A.D, Prola I 1052–1076 A.D, Beta II 1076–1108 A D, Duggaraja 1108–1116 A.D, and then Prola II 1116–1157 A.D. Next were the sovereign rulers Prataparudra I 1158–1195 or 1163–1195, Ganapati 1199–1262 or 1199–1260, Rudrama Devi 1262–1289 or 1261–1295 A.D, and Prataparudra II 1289 or 1295–1323 A.D.

The dynasty ended in 1323 A.D.after an invasion by the Delhi Sultanate. The book is written for the general reader with an interest in Indian History and art history enthusiasts too !

  • Paperback: 94 Pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing ; 1 edition (2018)
  • Author: Soma Ghosh
  • ISBN-13: 9781947293885
  • Product Dimensions:  21.5 x 1 x 27.9 cm

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