I Won - You Too Can

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The core idea of the book is to arouse inspiration and motivate those mortal souls, who crave for many things in life but have fallen prey to insecurity, fear, worry, improper guidance, distrust and several other factors. This book will blaze their path to stardom with certainty. Reading this book will make a sick man sit straight upon his bed. This book will inject the much-needed adrenaline to transcend the boundaries of life and excel.

The book is a composite blend of experiences savored in life by the author, other Individuals, motivational stories, poems and quotations. While writing I was very alert in the selection of words, the chosen words will augment the power of vocabulary and enrich one. The book will prove to be a boon for the readers especially those who are wilting, weak, and dispirited souls, it will act as a thunderbolt for all.

The said book will be useful for school students above eights class, college students, corporate world, people in business, house wives, average person who wish to scale impressive heights in life, practically it will encompass the whole gamut of the society.

This book will keep your mental embers burning enabling you to
• Live a fulfilled life
• Blaze your path to success
• Build your self-confidence
• Try and succeed in everything you do
• Authors own life to succuss depicted
• Help you combat life’s battle conveniently

About the Author: Author is a graduate in Chemistry with a post graduate degree in Disaster Mitigation. His initial years were full of struggles, sterile and with no animation. He was almost settled as a Marketing professional in a well-entrenched and reputed research laboratory. In his 19 years of stint in the research laboratory he was promoted only twice. When he resigned his designation was Deputy Manager.

This accentuated his restlessness for higher designation, higher pay package and professional growth. It was during this period, when he started believing, disbelieving, contemplating, introspecting different matters of life. He understood that there was something more in life than just acquiring things and enjoying them, forming relations and breaking them, attending school, college to seek employment, getting married and having children etc. He understood that life could not be so limited. It must be as vast as universe and as deep as ocean. Then he commenced his journey where he was the protagonist, as a captain he steered his ship and made it to the zenith.

He was 43 when he started applying for fresh jobs in the position of Vice President, CEO, General Manager, Director etc. His resume was rejected from most of the organizations he applied. A few organizations did interview him but did not select on the ground that his talent was not up to mark or on the grounds that he was holding a junior designation in the erstwhile organization which only evinced his incapability according to them.

He made up his mind to create his destiny. He was convinced that triumph and defeat were two sides of a coin. He felt that not trying was suicidal. To him failure was not a crime but low aim was. With all odds, adversities, he jumped and thereafter no looking back. That is how the idea to write “I WON – YOU TOO CAN” germinated. Today winning is his habit.

Read his journey in the book “I WON – YOU TOO CAN” get enlightened and learn how to force your mind to win.


  • Paperback: 218 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2021)
  • Author: Subhashish Ghoshal
  • ISBN-13: 9781636401294
  • Product Dimensions:  5.5 x 1 x 8.5 Inch

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