Inclusion and Collaboration in Teaching: Redefining Education

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Present work is a modest attempt in putting the theme of Inclusive education at the centre stage of thought process of educators and administrators, requiring re-thinking & innovation. Even though there is a lack of commonly accepted definition of what constitutes 'inclusion', yet there is general agreement that Inclusive education extends beyond special needs arising from disabilities and it encompasses consideration of other sources of disadvantage and marginalization. Inclusive education, amongst others, dispels specific disability culture. It furthers cherished the constitutional goal of equal treatment of all. It is a concept which transcends integration, which takes care of wide diversity of unique characteristics, interests, abilities and learning needs of every child.

There cannot be a 'one size fits all' solution in devising the most appropriate program for each child. Innovative approaches have to be developed and inculcated in order to cater the issues at macro, micro, personal and inter-personal levels. Paradigmatic shift in attitudes of the stakeholders is the key to make 'inclusive education' a reality. Cooperative teaching strategies would go a long way in ensuring success of inclusive education; and at the same time, earnest endeavors are to be made for combating discriminatory attitudes, inculcating welcoming communities and building an inclusive society, so as to ensure education for all. Leaving aside semantics about inclusive education, societies have to make earnest endeavors to ensure full membership and participation of children with special needs in regular schools, with individualized programmes with appropriately differentiated curriculum and assessment practices. To make inclusive education meaningful, restructured schools catering and responding to the needs of all students would have to be devised and made functional.

Utopian society may be a far cry, yet we can strive to achieve excellence in the chosen field by making incremental contribution. In order to meet the special needs of CWSN in regular schools, definitive pre-service and in service teacher training programmes have to be devised.

The present work seeks to analyse and probe the diverse aspects pertaining to inclusive schools, based on real time interactions with teachers employed in such schools. Such studies generally serve as building blocks for establishing a robust system of inclusive education. Unless and until flaws and drawbacks are not found out in actual settings, there is hardly any scope for improvement in the chosen field. Hope this work would further ignite the young minds to make earnest endeavors in order to ensure better inclusive society and inclusive education.

About the Author: Dr. Rajni Khokher, MA, M.Ed, M.Phil, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, DIET Panchkula. She has been engaged in Research works in the field of education and regularly contributes in National newspapers and journals on varied social and educational issues.


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