Increase Your Profit by Radical Cost Reduction

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"Increase your Profit by Radical Cost Reduction"

Cost reduction is the topmost priority for every organization to increase profitability and global competitiveness of its products. Traditional cost reduction techniques mostly based on accounting and commercial controls are reactive and superficial, cannot reduce cost in sustainable manner. Radical Cost Reduction is an innovative and focussed approach detects the cost-adding problems in the production value streams (processes), and uses TLS problem solving technique to reduce cost and increase profit.

TLS Problem Solving Technique is a synergistic three-in-one integrated model using the strengths of TOC-Lean-Six Sigma to clarify and address following three key cost management issues:
1. What makes your products costlier than your competitors?
2. How to detect the cost-adding problems of your processes?
3. How to reduce cost using TLS Problem Solving Technique?

Radical cost reduction implemented in 7 practical steps, every step is explained in detail with examples of real case studies of large and medium enterprises. A TLS case study given in the book explains how a large steel plant saved more than Rs.900 millions per annum by reducing setup time of steel making furnace? How a medium scale industry reduced its working capital by 35% through inventory reduction?

Contents of the book presented in "Learning by Doing" mode. Managers can use the book for self-learning and training & development of problem solving skill of their teams to reduce cost, improve quality, on-time delivery, and profitability of organization. An effective technique that can increase your profit in millions of rupees by cost reduction.

About the Author: The author Akhilesh N Singh is a Management Consultant with specialization in Lean, Six Sigma, TOC and TQM. Trained in Japan, USA and UK. Associated with industry for last 46 years as a Shop-floor Engineer, Corporate Manager, Academician, Corporate Trainer and Consultant. Executed more than 300 consulting and training assignments in leading organizations of 5 countries. Author of 14 Books. Currently facilitating manufacturing & service organizations to improve their global competitiveness, people competence, and corporate culture to attain the ultimate purpose of business - the Profitable Growth.


  • Paperback: 236 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2019)
  • Author: Akhilesh N Singh
  • ISBN-13: 9789389530438
  • Product Dimensions:  5.5 x 8.5

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