Indian Fresh Engineers – What Next?

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Most young engineers are sometimes confused about selecting the correct career path after becoming a graduate engineer from their respective institutions and colleges. Generally, this confusion is not much observed in the case of the meritorious and wealthy student groups in the classes; they are quite focused on their future goals. Personally, I have gone through a similar phase in life, and due to not having sufficient information, I faced tremendous difficulties achieving the things I wanted to do after completing my undergraduate degree. I had a plan to make a compiled presentation to help somebody like me. Though it was quite a long back and the information system has developed significantly, I still feel that in India, a segment of engineering students are from a middle class, lower middle class and poor family background, and always not from colleges in metropolitan cities. The non-availability of sufficient information in time regarding all possible options at one particular place is also a cause for not selecting the most appropriate direction. Due to their normal study load at this crucial period of studies, they also can not afford to spend sufficient time. Some of those students generally come to know about available possibilities gradually from various sources, and actual timings to take necessary actions for individual choices are sometimes missing by them. The other segment of students falling in this category is meritorious, studying in metropolitan cities but casual in nature. They have good potential, but they need to put the same in the right direction. This is why I planned to author a book, compiling all the information about possible opportunities for outgoing engineering students who do not have easy access to unlimited and undisturbed net connection, also for the casual students with good merit. I hope that the basic information provided in this book shall help them do proper planning at an appropriate time. This book also covers the important aspects related to ‘Women Engineers’, ‘Higher Studies’, Job Settlement’, etc. My experience to present the information in a book form is both internally challenging and rewarding.


  • Paperback: 202 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2021)
  • Author: Arunachal Ray
  • ISBN-13: 9781636402888
  • Product Dimensions:  6 x 1 x 9 Inches

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