Lecture Notes: Cell Biology

Lecture Notes: Cell Biology

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Cell biology also known as cytology. It deals with cells and its organelles. Inside this document you find curious of yours about cells and how they act like independent livings within bodies of living organisms. Preparation of this lecture notes has took much effort as needs high understanding in science of biology.

Cells are important parts of life and without them life can be impossible. Understanding sciences like cytology, histology, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, are essential sciences to know are linked to knowledge of cells. During preparation of this lecture notes, content of module of cell biology taught in biomedical sciences courses in INES-Ruhengeri at undergraduate level has been used.

A part from this content different source has been used to study each topic with much attention. Books of cytology, molecular biology, medical genetics, biochemistry, and different journals related to this module have been contributed to produce this lecture notes. This lecture notes can be a good asset in different areas of biological and biomedical sciences. They can help biomedical laboratory scientists to understand the role of cell in life of living things.

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