Lockdown 2020: Kneel Down or Breakdown

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The entire world welcomed 2020 with great excitement having a least idea of the chaos the pandemic Covid19 would soon lash out. The stench of death filled the air, fear gripped many hearts and anxious thoughts wrecked one’s mind.

Many nations including India declared a total lockdown. Facing an uncertain future many were at the verge of a breakdown.

This book shows that even in utter darkness there can be light. Caught in a lockdown one can choose to either let the situation crush them or to run into the presence of God and find in Him! their strength, hope and peace.

The lockdown was new to the Christian church as well. New questions, new challenges had to be conquered in the new norm that followed. This book further highlights how churches dealt with the pandemic in pursuing their mission.

About the Author: Rev. Paul Thangiah is the founder/senior pastor of Full Gospel Assembly of God Church located in Bengaluru, Karnataka that caters to over 30,000 people. He presently serves as General Secretary of All India Assemblies of God, Assistant Superintendent of the South India Assemblies of God and is also the Superintendent of the Central District of the South India Assemblies of God which comprises of Karnataka and Goa.

A very powerful speaker in great demand, he touches many hearts with his sense of humour, simplicity and passion. Being a great organizer and administrator, he travels around the globe, imparting his leadership skills at leadership seminars. For all his humanitarian work, Pastor Paul was conferred with the Best Citizen of India Award in 2018 along with many other eminent personalities.

Pastor Paul has a loving and supportive family, his wife Dr. Sheba Thangiah and his children, Grace Catherine and Rev. Roger Samuel. Grace is married to Neal Mickey and have a wonderful son, Nathan and Rev. Roger is married to Nicole lynn and are blessed with two sons and a daughter, Malachi, Josiah and Jianna.


  • Paperback: 161 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2021)
  • Author: Paul Thangiah
  • ISBN-13: 9781636401089
  • Product Dimensions:  5. x 1 x 8 Inch

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