The Conscious Machine - From Artificial to Enlightened Intelligence

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In a world defined by accelerating technology and change, explore a visionary framework to shape our interactions with advanced Al. Drawing on 500+ research papers, business case studies, and conversations with Al models such as ChatGPT, "The Conscious Machine" explores what it means to be human in the Age of Al.

Understand how emerging technologies including powerful algorithms, super-intelligence, and neural interfaces will blur boundaries between the artificial and the real. Discover how augmented humanity, intertwined human-machine minds, synthetic realities, distributed cognition, and emergent purpose will combine to redefine our future. How might we prepare for this 'age of possibility'?

Unlock new perspectives by applying wisdom from Advaita Vedanta, a school of ancient philosophy. Advaita sees unity rather than division, focuses on self-inquiry for discovery, and helps us uncover constants in a world characterized by change. Learn how these principles can help us thrive in this civilization defining moment.

Use the blueprint outlined in this book to decipher technological, societal, and philosophical trends to envision humanity's role in a world transformed by intelligence, both organic and engineered. The key message - an empowered future depends on guiding advanced technologies with foresight, insight, and care for everyone. The future belongs to those who fully use technology and lead with humanity. Will you be among them?

About The Author: Ram Srinivasan is an Executive Management Consultant, Future of Work Advisory Leader, and Technologist. He advises Fortune 500 companies on Future of Work Strategy, Digital Transformation, and Artificial Intelligence Strategy. Ram has built and led consulting teams across the Americas and Asia Pacific. As a recognized thought leader, Ram is a regular contributor to industry publications and is a sought-after keynote speaker, panelist, and author on the Future of Work and Exponential Technologies.

Ram is an MIT Alum, MIT Sloan School of Management ACE Program Graduate, Chartered Accountant, and Company Secretary. Ram is 15X MIT Certified across a wide range of topics, including Data Science, AI, Advanced Machine Learning Techniques, Extended/Virtual Reality, No Code/Low Code AI/ML, and Designing & Building Al Products and Services.

  • Hardcover: 266 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (July 2024)
  • Author: Ram Srinivasan
  • ISBN-13: 9781068884511
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 Inches

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