The Ïf way - Power of 100 ifs

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The Ïf way - Power of 100 ifs

If is a powerful word. In fact, very powerful. This two-letter word has shaped the destiny of the human race. If is the source of all inventions, discoveries and innovations. If is single-handedly responsible for all the ideas that have made our lives easy and efficient. It all began with an if. It all begins with an if.

But this two-letter word has not got the attention and respect it deserves. We still are unable to comprehend and appreciate its true value. People who flirt with if are often treated as useless daydreamers incapable of making any tangible contribution to the real world. They are treated with contempt and disrespect. The result is that we have not reached where we should have by now.

If symbolises imagination - the single most important trait which separates us from animals. A form of higher thinking, imagination is what takes us forward. Into the realm of the unknown where we discover the ‘New’. Once known, this ‘New’ now becomes the succeeding level of knowledge which acts as a base for the next jump into the unknown. Knowledge can take us to a point but imagination shows the way beyond. Imagination is the key to the evolution of a civilisation.

It is sad that if has still not been included as an integral part of learning. Most of the educational systems around the world rely on memory as a measure for assessing academic performances. The result is that we have almost a whole lot of people who know how things should happen or should not happen, but very few who know how things can happen. Students are still not taught how to imagine. Also, learning does not only happen in schools and colleges, but it also happens when we open our doors to new possibilities.

The Ïf way is a humble attempt to provide a tool to expand the imagination. It contains 100 scenarios, each developed in a few lines. With poetic flavour and interesting illustrations, each possibility takes us into a world of imagination that could one day very well become a reality. The idea is clear - to reach the next level we have to catch The Ïf way.

About the Author: Inderpal Singh, popularly known as Ïmagine Singh, is a Bollywood actor, writer, creativity campaigner and much more. A graduate in science and a postgraduate in finance, Ïmagine Singh always had an artist dancing within. With more than 10 films, numerous TV commercials and many interesting roles in television serials, the actor in him continues to evolve and so does the writer within. Along with jingles, ad-films and corporate films he has also written for museums. His first book as an author, The Ï way - 100 Quotes by Ïmagine Singh is a book of 100 quotations with beautiful images. The Ï way was very well received by the readers.

In evolving as a creative professional he was fascinated by the science of creativity. After doing years of research in the field of creativity, he started conducting workshops in schools, colleges and corporates. And his workshops became pretty successful. He is regularly invited to a number of prestigious forums to give talks on creativity.

He is extremely passionate about creativity and imagination. He has made it his mission to make people aware of their dormant creative potential and educate them about creativity. And for this, he has created a character called Ïmagine Singh. His mantra is simple - i must Ïmagine.

The Ïf way - Power of 100 ifs, his second book is a part of this continuous effort to spark people’s imagination. An effort to make imagination an integral part of learning by not only making it an indispensable element of the curriculum in schools and colleges but also of everybody’s life. In this book, he unleashes the power of if. One word that has changed the world. One word that can change the world!

  • Paperback: 112 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2020)
  • Author: Ïmagine Singh
  • ISBN-13: 9789389932423
  • Product Dimensions:  15.2 x 1 x 22.8 cm

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