The Magic & Joy of Exploding Dots: A revolutionary concept that changes the way we learn and teach mathematics

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In October 2017, over one million students and teachers from 168 countries and territories were transfixed by a universal story that together, they explored. In Tanzania, a class gathered excitedly around the chalkboard as the teacher began to tell the story. New York City high schoolers drew illustrations on a whiteboard. Ponytailed elementary school girls in Saudi Arabia animatedly explored the key ideas using colorful magnetic dots. In Romania, middle grade students played with the online version on their laptops, exclaiming aloud at each new twist. And in Zimbabwe, students recreated the story for themselves using nothing but pebbles and hollows dug into the ground.

What kind of a story is this that has the power to engage students all over the world, transcending language, borders, and technology? Why, it's a story of the deeply human endeavor of mathematics!

It's the mathematics of Exploding Dots!

Comments from participants and teachers around the world:
"Hands up in the air in triumph! Decades of believing I couldn't do math - poof! Exploded!"
"Exploding Dots has changed my mind, and thus my life! Thank you!"

About the Author: Kiran Bacche (Author of “Mathematical Approach to Puzzle Solving”, Global Math Project Ambassador) loves teaching mathematics. He has authored numerous articles explaining math concepts in a simple visual way. He also conducts activity oriented math sessions for students in Bangalore. His vision is to promote mathematical thinking in students, in a fun and joyous way.

James Tanton (PhD, Princeton 1994, mathematics) writes books and video courses, advises on curriculum, consults with teachers, and gives demonstration classes and professional development sessions across the globe. He has taught mathematics both at university and high-school institutions and is absolutely committed to promoting effective and joyful mathematics thinking, learning, and doing at all levels of the education spectrum.

  • Paperback: 280 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2018)
  • Author: Kiran Ananthpur Bacche with contributions from James Tanton and an Introduction by James Propp
  • ISBN-13: 9789388459112
  • Product Dimensions:  7 x 9 Inch

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