The Mountain Girl

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Gaura, a pahadi girl in her twenties is at a dead end. Married to a laid back, government clerk, Jatin, who pines for his dead wife, and living in a cubicle of a flat in Delhi, she is searching for an escape plan. She concludes that divorce is her only way out. Off she returns to her native village, where she discovers her friends planning to participate in the twelve yearly Nanda Raj Jat Yatra. Cajoled by her friends she decides to join the travel festival, an arduous journey covering the high altitude Himalayas. Little did she know that her beliefs shall be challenged and with a near-death experience, she will have to re-think about her priorities in life. A mysterious Sadhu becomes her loadstar and she is shocked to know the reality about his existence. And then there is Dipankar, a blast from her past who is ready to lend her wings. This is a story of a girl’s journey, inside and outside both, her awakening and her struggle with her own devils…

About the Author: Dr. Ekta Uniyal, a Doctorate in Philosophy born and brought up in Dehra Dun is currently working as a public servant with the Government of Uttarakhand. A naturalist to the core, she takes a keen interest in the cultural and social milieu of the Himalayas. Earlier she got a book published in the field of Ethics dealing with the problem of corruption. This fictional novel is a part of her first-hand experience of a much-revered journey in Uttarakhand, the Nanda Raj Jat Yatra. Living in the hills for long, she got a chance to keenly observe the difficult life of women folk in the hills wherein lies the theme of this book.


  • Paperback: 172 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing ; 1 edition (2019)
  • Author: Ekta Uniyal
  • ISBN-13: 9789389085280
  • Product Dimensions:  12.7 x 0.5 x 20.3 cm

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