Tranquility: Finding peace in a turbulent world

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In this book you'll learn:
- To stop being controlled by the opinion of other people.
- To take lessons from your mistakes and move forward.
- To take important decisions and get rid of indecisiveness.
- To stop procrastinating your goals and do the things that truly matter to you.
- To understand how to make the right choices.
- To stay humble and accept your mistakes.
- To not run from your problems and understand how to fix them.
- To stop making excuses and take the right steps.
- To stay positive even while facing adversities.
- To decode the significance of the little things that happen in life.

About the Author: Author of two highly acclaimed books, an investor, a top entrepreneur, a fitness freak, an occasional DJ, above all, a good husband and a great father, Abdul Vasi is truly a multi-faceted man. Even before embarking on this beautiful journey of penning books, Mr Vasi has been a successful entrepreneur who has led his company to the peak of success from the front.

He has always been passionate about guiding businesses and individuals to adapt to the changing dynamics of a commercial world through the proper implementation of technology and digital marketing in order to sustain business development. With a proper understanding of the hurdles that businesses face to ensure rapid expansion of profitability and growth margins, he is always looking forward to helping others with his proven strategies and tactics.

  • Paperback: 104 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing ; 1 edition (2019)
  • Author: Abdul Vasi
  • ISBN-13: 9789389085211
  • Product Dimensions:  12.7 x 0.5 x 20.3 cm

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